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Reaching your campaign goals starts with proper tracking. Website analytics tools like Google Analytics are the gold standard in the digital marketing arena. The rich analytical data provides the marketer with insights to not only know how much traffic their website is attracting but also how that traffic gets there and what they do on-site. This marketing intelligence can provide you with actionable insights to help your next marketing campaign.

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Three Benefits Of Google Analytics Services

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Collect Website Data

A website without a web analytics tool like Google Analytics is like turning a blind eye to every single customer that walks in. Data is collected from every interaction between your site visitor and the website. With Google Analytics, you can convert these numbers into meaningful data.

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Measure Website Performance

Measure your website performance not just by how much traffic it gets but also by how much leads and sales it drove for your business. From online sales for an e-commerce store to qualified leads for a B2B business. Cut the guessing and start measuring your website performance with numbers that matter.

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Develop Marketing Intelligence

Generate actionable marketing intelligence with the proper Google Analytics setup. Website intelligence and actionable business insight always stem from the why. Why do most conversions come from an SEO campaign? What are the top-selling products? What is the most viewed blog post?

Request For A Google Analytics Audit

To help you identify areas you can improve for your Google Analytics account instantly.


A Complete And Detailed Google Analytics Implementation Process For Your Business Growth

To ensure that all the needs to market your business site are met, Digital Roots performs a complete and detailed process as follows

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Google Analytics Audit

Setting up Google Analytics seems to be relatively straightforward out of the box. However, the absence of conversion tracking and data inaccuracies often haunt webmasters. Inaccurate data makes it harder to analyze and gather insights. Our audit will help you uncover critical issues and identify solutions to resolve them.

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Google Analytics Setup/Testing

Aside from designing the website for your business, we ensure that it also converts traffic to customers with the help of Google Analytics. Our Google Analytics analyst will help you set up and test your Google Analytics installation to ensure every single interaction on your website is tracked accurately.

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Events And Goal Setup

Keep tab of every interaction your website visitor had using event trackings and goal setting feature on Google Analytics. These help you to determine which digital marketing channels drive the highest ROI. Make every marketing dollar count.

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Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking

With the Enhanced E-Commerce feature, you can analyze your customer’s behavior online. Such as product view, add to cart, cart abandonment, and more! Analyze their every step to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

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Data Analysis And Optimisation

Once Google Analytics is set up,  you can cut the guessing game and put the data to good use. Start scaling the digital marketing campaign that gives you the highest conversion rate. Unveil your customers’ path to purchase and find out how they convert.

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Customized Analytics Dashboard

Unfamiliar with the Google Analytics interface? Fret not! We will help you create an easy-to-read dashboard using an advanced data visualization tool like Google Data Studio. Creating customized data report that is easy to interpret.

Three Reasons Why Choose Roots Digital Media

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We Are Always Transparent

Leads generated from search engine optimization tend to have higher close rates than outbound leads. According to this article in the Search Engine Journal, leads generated from organic traffic have an average close rate of 14.6% as compared to close rates of 1.7% for outbound leads.

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We Deliver Real Result

Search engine optimization not only helps you rank better on the search engine, with good SEO practice in place, but SEO can also help you to improve the user’s experience and usability of your website. Great user experience leads to conversions!

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We Live And Breathe Digital

SEO is a never-ending process! If you are not doing it, your competitors will. 95% of your customers carry out their research and comparison online before purchase. SEO can put you ahead of the competition. If 2 websites are selling the same thing, the website that is optimized is more likely to win the business.

What Makes Us Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

We’re not just Google Analytics experts, our Google Analytics analyst team consists of people who have worked for both tech startups and large companies, and we have a growth-oriented mindset that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at other agencies. We know this is a lot to take in—that’s why we offer free Google Analytics assessment, no strings attached. Just click below to schedule your call with one of our Google Analytics consultants.