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E-Commerce SEO is the optimization process of driving traffic to your online store from the organic search results on search engines. An online store typically houses at least 10 – 20 times more pages than a corporate website. If your site is nowhere to be found on search engines, you are missing out on clicks and probably sales too!

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Three Benefits Of E-Commerce SEO

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Increase Sales

Not all clicks are created equal, and some visits are more valuable than others. Traffic generated from search engine optimization tend to have higher conversion rates as compared to traffic from other sources. They are more likely to spend plenty of time browsing your online store.

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Enhance User Experience​

Aside from helping your online store rank better on the search engine result page, E-commerce SEO will help you to improve the website’s overall user experience and usability. Great user experience leads to sales!

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Gain Competitive Advantage

Search engine optimization is a never-ending process! If you are not doing it, your competitors will. 95% of your customers carry out their pre-purchase research online. E-Commerce SEO can give you a competitive edge over them. If 2 websites are selling the same thing, the website that is optimized is more likely to win the sales!

Get A Copy Of Your Site Audit Report For Your Website

To help you identify areas you can improve, give your website a boost in organic and increase your online sales instantly!

A Complete And Detailed E-Commerce SEO Process For Your Business Growth

To ensure that all the needs to optimize your business site search are met, Digital Roots performs a complete and detailed process as follows
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Technical SEO Website Audit

A comprehensive e-commerce site audit to identify SEO errors and opportunities. Ensuring all best practices are implemented to increase your online store indexability for search engine bots.

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Keyword Research & Mapping

Deep keyword research will be carried out to identify the words, phrases, and queries your target customer is using to search for the products you are selling. And mapping the optimum keyword theme to pages on your website.

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Onsite Content Optimization

Content is the key to your e-commerce store’s SEO success. Optimizing content to rank better for keywords through a well-planned inter-linking strategy, title and meta tag optimization, schema implementations, and many more.

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Local SEO Optimization

Are you seeing Google Map business listing showing more frequently on location-specific searches? We help you improve your online store’s local rankings in both the map pack and organic results through technical, onsite, offsite optimization, and citation building.

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SEO Penalty Recovery

“My e-commerce store does not seem to be favored by search engines”. If this sounds familiar to you, you might be suffering from an SEO penalty. We have a thorough process to identify the root cause of the penalty, execute an action plan to correct the issue, and submit the reconsideration request to Google.

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Analytics & Conversion Tracking

If you do not have the right analytics and conversion tracking in place, you can forget about even running an SEO campaign. We provide deep analysis of all online stores and site traffic to uncover insights, opportunities, and risks for your business. SEO is not just about ranking but also real results like online sales!

Three Reasons Why Choose Roots Digital Media

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We Are Always Transparent

Enjoy complete transparency and access to all campaigns data, no hidden cost. We believe a healthy client-agency relationship is built on trust.

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We Deliver Real Result

We deliver campaigns that give REAL ROI and not just vanity metrics like clicks and impressions. Giving you the best bang for your bucks.

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We Live And Breathe Digital

Digital at the core: our sophisticated, digitally-demanding client roster provides a rich set of digital marketing capabilities enviable by traditional advertisers.

What Makes Us Different From Other E-Commerce SEO Agencies?

We’re not just an E-Commerce SEO experts, our E-Commerce SEO campaign management team consists of people who have worked for both small to large online stores, and we have a growth-oriented mindset that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at other agencies. We know this is a lot to take in—that’s why we offer free E-Commerce Site assessments, no strings attached. Just click below to schedule your call with one of our E-Commerce SEO consultants.